Black Hole Attack in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

By | 19 Ağustos 2009

A Wireless ad-hoc network is a temporary network set up by wireless mobile computers (or nodes) moving arbitrary in the places that have no network infrastructure. Since the nodes communicate with each other, they cooperate by forwarding data packets to other nodes in the network. Thus the nodes find a path to the destination node using routing protocols. However, due to security vulnerabilities of the routing protocols, wireless ad-hoc networks are unprotected to attacks of the malicious nodes.

One of these attacks is the Black Hole Attack against network integrity absorbing all data packets in the network. Since the data packets do not reach the destination node on account of this attack, data loss will occur.

There are lots of detection and defense mechanisms to eliminate the intruder that carry out the black hole attack. In this work, we simulated the black hole attack in various wireless ad-hoc network scenarios and have tried to find a response system in simulations.

The below links are prepared for the student who wants to study about security in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks and coders who write in NS2. You can learn how we implement a new Protocol to Ad-hoc Wireless Network in NS2 with master thesis. In the Journal, there are detailed results about the subject. The C++ Code of the Black Hole Attack and the Intrusion Detection System are in the below links. You can implement the codes, fallowing the steps in the master thesis.

* Upon request, I add below the files, Blackhole and Greyhole attack with IDS solution protocols for NS2. You can not compile ns2 putting these files under appropriate folder in NS2. These files dont work as you change whole ns2 according to the information at thesis.

In addition, Cygwin (and the other Linux versions) and NS2 is not installed no longer in my computer. So that, I cant answer, your request about installation error. To understand the error you encountered, I need to analyze the codes. And also, I compile the codes in NS 2.6 under Cygwin. Same code may give error in other versions. This is my request, please dont ask me the errors you encountered.

Content Link
Master Thesis [Abstract] [Özet]
Simulation of Black Hole Attack in Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
Southeastcon Journal Performance analysis of ad hoc networks under black hole attacks
C++ Code “Black Hole Attack to AODV Network” in NS2
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C++ Code “IDS Solution for Black Hole Attack” in NS2
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Zip file “Black Hole Attack” in NS2
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Zip file “Grey Hole Attack” in NS2
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Zip file “IDS Solution for Black Hole Attack” in NS2
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